Timothy Liam Epstein JD

Notre Dame Hosts Coaching Ethics Symposium

In April of 2014, the University of Notre Dame hosted a coaching ethics symposium. The day-long event covered a range of issues affecting ethical college coaching. Key questions were addressed, such as: What is good coaching? How can coaches display intensity and demand discipline without compromising student athletes’ physical and psychological integrity and well-being?

The NCAA Constitution makes clear that colleges have a responsibility to assure that coaches contribute to athletes moral as well as academic development. This symposium examined the culture of college coaching and the challenges that they face as teachers of young people.

Tim Epstein Mentioned in CNN Interview Discussing 9/11 Hero

Tim Epstein, chair of the firm's Sports Law practice group, was mentioned in an interview on CNN in reference to his work with the Fetzer Institute and their involvement with the Red Bandana Project.

The Red Bandana Project was started by the Crowther family, whose son helped civilians escape one of the towers on 9/11. The interview aired on CNN on September 11, 2013.

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Quotes Tim Epstein in “U of I Law Boot Camp a Real Eye-Opener”

In the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, "U of I Law Boot Camp a Real Eye-Opener," Tim Epstein, a University of Illinois Law School alum, discusses his experience while attending the boot camp in 2003 and 2004 saying, "The learning curve and the amount of information crammed into that one week was probably the most I learned in one week throughout my time in law school at the University of I


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