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Workers’ Compensation & Remote Employees

As stay-at-home orders are being extended throughout the country, a significant population of the US workforce is and will continue to work remotely.  Because employers cannot actively monitor and supervise their employees, employers are exposed to additional risks of liability.  One significant risk is the potential for employees to sustain accidental injuries while working remotely.

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Timothy Liam EPSTEIN was Referenced in The Pitch entitled, "What Happens When a Music Festival is Cancelled due to Coronavirus?"

"Tim Epstein, a sports and entertainment lawyer whose festival clients include Pitchfork, Life Is Beautiful, and Riot Fest, explains that government-mandated festival shutdowns may trigger “force majeure,” a contract provision that lets people off the hook for their obligations under the deal if there are certain unforeseeable circumstances, such as a natural disaster. Epstein believes that most coronavirus-related festival cancellations will happen under similar government-ordered force majeure conditions.

“What happens is that the parties are basically returned to their position pre-contract—with an exception being compensation for work performed to that point, for reimbursement of expenses incurred at that point,” Epstein says. “Most of the work is going to be taking place at the time of the event. And so most of the contracts for that work will not require performance because of the force majeure event, nor will it require a payment for the performance that did not occur.” In other words, artists and vendors wouldn’t be paid except for work or expenses from before the festival was canceled."

Timothy Liam EPSTEIN and Industry Professionals Hosted the Production Live Panel Entitled, “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: How To Build The Perfect Festival and Not Get Fyre'd."

This year’s event took place in Beverly Hills, California on February 4, 2020.  Some of the most experienced and visionary professionals in staging and producing live entertainment were featured at Production Live.

Timothy Liam EPSTEIN was Referenced in The Post and Courier entitled, “How a California court ruling on Pop Warner could affect future of football at all levels.”

"Timothy Epstein, a sports and entertainment attorney in Chicago, told me the problem anyone will have trying to sue for damages against Pop Warner or other football organizations is proving proximate cause. Did a former athlete’s injuries result directly from football at one level and one level only and not as a result of any other possible factor?"


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